Great Technologies for Music Teachers

12 02 2009

Classroom Maestro – by Time Warp Technologies, 

Classroom Maestro is an electronic blackboard for classroom music instruction.

Use a MIDI keyboard, computer projector, and Classroom Maestro to display:

  • single notes
  • intervals
  • chords
  • scales
  • keyboard hand positions

quickly and effectively–including optional analysis!

price $69


Superscope PSD340 –

Dual Drive CD Recorder and MP3 CD Player Features


Alesis Transactive Mobile – portable playback device for music teachers on the move

a mobile, battery-powered PA system with universal dock for iPod.  

Features include:

•    High-output powered, mountable 2-way speaker system
•    Built-in, rechargeable battery with level indicator; power lasts up to 12 hours
•    High-fidelity sound output to more than 150 feet
•    Enhanced bass output creates a full, rich sound
•    Professional quality microphone included
•    Heavy-duty aluminum construction
•    Two-wheel system with retractable handle for easy portability
price $599 can be bought online for as low as  $280


Groovy Music Software by Sibelius – packaged in 3 different levels – for grades K-8

Great software to get children started enjoying and composing music in early years.  Great intro to the full Sibelius and GarageBand softwares used in Middle and High School.


MixCraft Software – GarageBand like software for Windows users.


Morton Subotnick’s – Hearing Music software – large catalogue of titles – great software for younger and middle year programs – gets children enjoying and composing music before they can play an instrument or learn to read.




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