TI:ME Conference First Day

12 02 2009

What a great day.  Talked music to people that really love music, all day.  Presentations went well and made some great new contacts.  It seems although a lot of teachers would like to start using technology, they do not have the funding or classroom space.  A few however seem to have great set ups with support.

Big Surprise – was the areas most people were interested in.  It seems most teachers only have one computer so they need software that they can use personally rather than something they can use in the classroom.  Teaching with gaming was new to me.  It is actually very interesting, especially for handicapped students.  It seems there aren’t many teachers addressing composition as part of the regular music curriculum.  It was mentioned that 90% of all music teachers have never composed music themselves.  Wow!  I am surprised by that number.  I wonder where the info came from?

Met a few presenters.  Some are writing curriculum for music teachers that use technology.  It seems music teachers have a lack of knowledge of what to do with the technology.  They record music and print music and not much ealse.  Lesson plans and course materials are needed.

But what are the real reasons more schools and teachers are not using more technology?

New – 1. New fund raising idea for band programs is a Guitar hero competition.  It actually sound like fun.  When done a saw a clinic on how to use the guitar controller as an instrment to create music with GarageBand and Sibelius.  The kids would love it.

2. Korg Kaossilator – New input devise and software that uses color and a draw pad for input.  Just trace you finger across the track pad and music comes out.  Great for experimenting with  improvisation.

3. Great video free archive – Archive.org  – thousands of free titals.  The equivalent of Flickr but for movies.






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