YIS a front runner in it’s use of technology.

12 02 2009

The grass is always greener…

After talking to countless teachers about how they use technology, I realized that YIS is in a situation of power  compared to most schools.  I would say YIS is in the top 5%  of EL/MS/HS  in regard to the use of technology.  We have so many great people in place that are using the technology in such interesting and useful ways. This does not seem to be the case elsewhere, except for a small percentage of schools.  A matter of fact, I would say Yokohama International School is more on par with Colleges and Universities when it comes to their use of technology in the classroom. 

The YIS technology team is discussing things on new possibilities while others (in the worst cases) are struggling trying to get  one computer and  projector to be used by their entire school.  

Maybe YIS and friends should produce our a technology news letter to help others get out of the starting blocks?

I feel most teachers and schools really need help and they are faltering because it is hard to find proper help and guidance.

If YIS could get all or most of it’s teachers using the technology, YIS  could definitely be a trail blazer.




4 responses

12 02 2009

Please get as many people on Twitter as you can while you are there. They will find strength and support in using technology in the classroom. It’s a great professional development tool and professional learning community.

12 02 2009
Charlie Bailey

You’re most certainly right up there Brad. I have worked with schools worldwide, and I have yet to see a school using technology in so many different and productive ways. My completely unscientific analysis puts you solidly in the top 5%.

12 02 2009
Brad Johnston

I am still surprised that there aren’t more schools using more technology. I really see a huge gap between what the tech companies that are making the software/hardware and what is actually being used in classrooms. Schools do not have the money to invest? Teachers find it too time consuming to learn? I really do not understand why it isn’t more popular to use than it is.

16 02 2009

You ask a great question about the gap between the quantity of technology and what’s used in the classrooms. I had a chance to work at public schools in Seattle and other international schools and YIS by comparison has a lot. I wonder what the answer to your questions are. Especially why more teachers don’t use technology.

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