Twitter, an Invaluable Conference Resource

15 02 2009

You don’t know what you are missing if you haven’t “tweeted” someone.  I just attended a huge conference for the last week.  My friend and coworker was emphatic that I set up a blog and use my twitter account while I was there.  I have had a twitter account for several months but hardly ever turn it on because it just seemed to be an annoying distraction.  However, I figured I would try using it at my conference.  There were more than 20,000 people in attendance.

The first day I faithfully logged on and entered some interesting facts about the day on my blog.  I then connected it to my twitter account (thanks Christine for explaining how to do it) so that it got feeds from my blog entries.  Within 2 hours I had around 15 people contact me because they were attending the same conference and wanted to discuss some of the ideas I had posted.  I continued entering the second day and received 10 fold the number of replies for further discussion.  I really didn’t realize how many savvy people are using this tech trick. By the end of the conference I was in correspondence with so many great people, many of which I probably would not have met if not for twitter.

The conference itself (it was also a tradeshow at the same time) was held in a huge facility around the size of 20 football fields.  While there I was easily able to find what I was searching for just by tweeting.  I tried it once and just had that feeling of “Wow” what have I been missing.

Connecting it to my blog was definitely the key.  You are only able to input short phrases in a tweet but you can write articles in your blog.  The two combined are a very powerful resource.

Without it I would not have been able to be introduced to several great new contacts in my field that I can now call a friend.

I will have to see if I will have the same results when I am back into my regular routine.  Until then I am still tweeting!




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16 02 2009
Claudia Ceraso

Nice to meet you. How I got here? Well, reading the reply of a tweet and a RT of your post under the original reply… Well, you know.

Just want to underline where my mind nods with you:
“Connecting it to my blog was definitely the key. You are only able to input a short phrases in a tweet but you can write articles in your blog. The two combined are a very powerful resource”

Twitter is a powerful thing. Particularly for educators. I am collecting some evidence here:
No music teachers in there yet, so please feel invited to join and link to twitter ideas from your field.



16 02 2009
Brad Johnston

Hi Claudia,

Just as I said it is a wonderful resource for connecting. I would be happy to join your conversations. I am a music technologist teaching music at Yokohama International School. If you would like any info on music technology please feel free to visit my homepage This is purely a reference and help site that I started several months ago to help teachers find good quality tech info on different products.

Brad Johnston

17 02 2009
David Hobbie

I’m a lawyer (and occasional musician) and I’ve found Twitter to be really useful at conferences as well; what’s really interesting is that the utility of twitter grows as the number of people on it expands. At an Enterprise 2.0 conference in Boston last year, I found that Twitter provided a way to find the really good conference sessions–people would get excited about a session, and then start tweeting it. At a Legal technology conference in NY a few weeks ago, it had two uses–one was to provide a way for the conference audience (and others following on Twitter) to interact with panelists/presenters, and a second was for people to find each other.

17 02 2009
Brad Johnston

I would agree David, I am realizing the same snowball effect. The more people that follow on Twitter the more helpful it is as a resource.

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