Where are the Jobs? Teaching more than music performance.

15 02 2009

I listened to several presenters this week mention the fact that our music education system is only focused on music performance, theory, and history and not on teaching film scoring, recording studio technology, and media technology which represent a 70 Billion dollar industry.  Why is that?

It was mentioned that one university music program in America has 300 string players studying to become classical performers.  This is when we are loosing orchestras every year due to lack of attendance by audiences.

Concert goers want more for their money.  It is not enough just to perform great, they want a show with visual impact like they see on MTV music videos.

Where are the jobs?  Shouldn’t we be offering a more all inclusive education curriculum in our schools?

Technology currently has a huge and growing influence on the music industry and how we produce and listen to music.  It is time to start educating for more than just music performance.

The standard music software used in every studio is Protools, and it doesn’t look like that is going to change any time soon.  Introducing this kind of technology skills to youth will give them great skills for their future. Shouldn’t music technology be part of the regular music curriculum in our schools?  It is a great way to teach composition and musical concepts, maybe even better than the old school method of paper, pencil, and lecture.




One response

15 02 2009

This confirms my worry that Universities only want to continue teaching their traditional subjects because if they change; the departments will implode.
Many would be unemployed or irrelevant. That is why we still send students to college based on what they, the universities demand. It is all about self-preservation. [go back to my first sentence and start over]

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