Getting the Most out of Drum Loops – Swapping sounds

18 02 2009

I am starting to hear the same drum loops over and over on the radio, TV and in commercials.  It seems most users are not taking any time to alter the stock drum loops that come installed in their music software.  An artists sound is something that a live musician spends vast resources to create an original sound weather through the purchase and customizing of equipment or creating a unique performance style.

If you use drum loops be sure to alter them and create your own sound and performance.  This will also help you avoid getting into copyright disputes.  Yes, even Midi drum loops can be copyrighted and protected even if you have purchased them.  Altering them enough from the original will ensure you have a unique personal style and get around the copyright issue.

There are several things you can do to personalize.  The first and easiest is to swap out the sounds for your own drum sounds.  This is particularly easy to do when working with Midi files.  It can be done with digital drum loops as well by either cut and splice replacement, using EQ to pull them out of the mix or by using software like Drumagog that will auto replace them for your (easiest if you are working with individual drum tracks).

So take the time and make your sound your own.  Use looping as a convenient and fast starting point for creating something special.




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