Getting the Most out of Drum Loops – Multitrack drums

20 02 2009

When a drummer comes into the studio to record the sound tech usually uses between 10 -16 microphones to mic the kit.  Of course you can end up with a great drum sound with 2 mics in the right room with the right placement etc.  but it is still common to mic every sound source separately if possible.  This gives the engineer the maximum control over the drum sound in the mix.

You can recreate this same flexibility without all the mics when working with drum loops.

Most drum loops come on a stereo track with drum sounds already mixed and panned.  However, if you wanted to remix or just have more control over the individual sounds of the drum kit, you can easily expand the loop out, so that the individual instruments are on their own tracks.  This of course opens up many possibilities when mixing.  You will be able to control all the perameters of each sound individually (volume, EQ, panning, etc).

Here is a step by step tutorial on how to accomplish it.  Just click on this connection and you will be taken to a tutorial using GarageBand.  If clicking does not work just copy and paiste the following into your browser.

This is by far the best thing you can do to get more control over your drum sound in the mix.




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