Using iChat or Conferencing for Review

25 02 2009

I tried a new resource today that worked out well, so I thought I would share it with you.  

I was helping my students review for a test and tried ichat.  Everyone logged on.  I gave them a question and asked them to send in their answer.  The first to respond with the correct answer got a point.  It was fun and the students were really into it.  But the best thing was that I waited until I got a response from everyone in the class.  Then when I had time I went back and looked at all the answers and found the problem areas and which students were having problems.  I was then able to tailor my next lesson to address the week points. 

I also tried the same with teams of four students each and designated one person from each to input and send their teams response.  Not quite as much insight into problem areas but far less emails to sort through and the students are still learning from the other students in their group and discussing outcomes.

Pretty Cool!




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