Global Team Teaching with Skype

29 04 2009

I just finished a wonderful project with the University of Vermont Music Department and my Music Tech Grade 7 class here at Yokohama International School.

Yokohama International School Music Technology Class

We used the internet to join our classrooms in real time in order to share ideas and concepts. The students in Vermont were responsible for putting together a composition lesson on writing melodies.

To make it work we used:
– high speed internet connections
– computers with cameras connected in both locations (I used my apple laptop with a built in video camera)
– skype online conferencing software
– speakers so the students could hear the teachers online
– a video projector hooked up to my laptop using skype, so the class could see the teachers
– headphones for the teachers in Vermont, to eliminate echo
NoteFlight music notation software (free web 2.0) for sharing melodies
– and a large smile

This was very easy to set up. At the designated time we connected via skype and the rest was education at it’s best.

Students from the University of Vermont Music Project were teaching my class of grade 7 students how to compose melodies.

This worked very well and gave the U of V students a wonderful opportunity to get experience teaching in an International classroom without leaving Vermont.

So many new possibilities come to mind. I would love to try the sharing of world music with classrooms in different countries. We are located in Yokohama, Japan and have a wonderful Japanese music department. Maybe we could try a cross cultural experience next. Anyone interested?

Send me a reply to this blog and lets experience a “whole new world”.

During the class we also had a live feed via Mogulus. It is an online video streaming location. It can be password protected if needed.

We also used Twitter to quickly spread the word we were online. We heard back from several teachers around the world with the following comments:

“it was awesome, very nice class”
“great idea, I enjoyed it”
“Just too cool! Brilliant”

We did not advertise as this was a first experiment. But, next time I would like to set up several different classes to participate in a joint exchange class on other music related topics.

If you are interested in exploring music technology please log onto my web site and check out some of the information there. If you have any questions or would like to add a helpful link please contact me.

Enjoy the wonderful world of new technologies.




9 responses

29 04 2009
Brian Lockwood

It was a great deal of fun being part of this class. This could be repeated in almost every class. We could video and stream the class, have a student monitor chat traffic from the internet. The live internet audience could engage our students in further learning. I’m really excited about this direction and feel there are some unlimited learning opportunities here.

29 04 2009
Brad Johnston

Thanks Brian,

Brian was working the video and live feed for this class. Thanks again for your interest and input.

You are right on of course. The possible uses are endless. It was easy to set up and good enough quality to make things work smoothly.

Thanks for the comment.

29 04 2009
Frank C

great work.
2.0 classroom in full effect! I’ll mention it on my blog as well and link it to here.

30 04 2009
Brad Johnston

Thanks for the support Frank. It really is a great idea and it has so much potential for the future.

29 04 2009
29 04 2009

Well done, Brad.

Thanks for taking the initiative. What next?

30 04 2009
all network

thank for information is very use full

30 04 2009
Music Tech | learningIT

[…] A great post and activity from the music tech teacher here at my school. He just finished a project with the University of Vermont Music Department and his grade 7 Music Tech class. They used the web to join classrooms in real time to share ideas and concepts. The students in Vermont were responsible for putting together a lesson for the grade 7 students on writing and composing melodies. Full story here. […]

30 04 2009
Brian Lockwood

for reference two of the comments are linked below

“it was awesome, very nice class” “Just too cool! Brilliant”

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