SONGBIRD – An alternate to iTunes for Web 2.0 users or anyone for that matter.

26 05 2009

I just discovered a replacement media player for all the iTunes users, or just about anyone that likes to listen to music. It is called SONGBIRD, and has been out for a couple of years, compared to the 5 years iTunes has been out (yes it has already been 5 years).

It isn’t as polished as iTunes yet but it does introduce some cool new features that are very interesting for power users that like to tweek things the way they like them. For those of you that would rather use FireFox than Explorer you will find Songbird interesting.

Some of the things that I find interesting is the ability to alter it the way you like it. You can chose you own skin. It also has add on’s to add features it doesn’t originally have that can be downloaded. Another browser like feature is the ability to use tabs so that you can multi task and look up something or change something while you have your playlist open in another window.

One of the coolest features I have found so far is that when you right click when you are on a music related blog you can “subscribe”. You can also bookmark the site and program the software to download future music found on the site into your media player.

These are but a few of the features. Again, it isn’t as feature rich as iTunes at this time but I do find some of its unique features interesting.

Check it out.




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