DAW on a budget?

28 05 2009


With the economy down you can guess the musicians already skimpy guarantee has been squeezed even further. The artist is always on the bottom. The price we pay for being able to use our creativity for our living. Well here is a way for you to save some of that hard earned income. Instead of dishing out the heavy price tag on the latest version of any of the high end recording softwares why not download something for free and see if it can do the job?

Traverso is a free for download recording software that is available for UNIX, MAC, and WINDOWS. It is a serious DAW software that has most of the features you have come to expect, but for FREE! No more dongles to worry about. It does not totally replace the big boys like Pro Tools and Reason, but it is certainly an adequate substitute, and did I mention it was FREE!




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