Tired of working with drum loops?

10 07 2009

Roland Octapad

You can do some great things with drum loops and as a drummer/composer I find them very useful. But…if you are looking for better control and more creativity, why not go out and buy a electronic drum trigger. They come in all shapes and sizes. They can be small and portable as the Nano series from korg (usb powered, see blog posting this site) or you can really get into it (for a pile of cash) and go all out and get yourself a Roland drum kit. There are many others on the market and you can spend as much as you want. The things is…there are times when you just want a new original performance (with all the small mistakes that make it real) instead of the same old loops. Things can get too squeaky clean and sterile sounding with so many loops that are processed and perfected. Some times you just want it real and loose. Give it a whack and rock it out!




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