Music Listening and Analysis for Kids

13 07 2009


Searching for new internet connections to use teaching my music classes I came across two sites that are not only helpful but fun and well thought out. They are probably best suited for Elementary and Middle school but some of the listening and analysis pages are well though out even for High School. First try “Classics for Kids“. Students can listen to online radio programs about composers as well as compose music. Great interface and easy to follow. The next site I found is “The New York Philharmonic Kid’s Zone”. Attractive interface that is welcoming to listeners and music lovers. Check them both out, and enjoy the music!




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14 07 2009

This is a great resource. The past 2 weeks I’ve been in Seattle taking courses in librarianship. I’m going to use the resources you posted for one of the assignments. Great stuff, keep them coming!

The professor in last week’s class requested me to be a ‘guest speaker’ to the class on Web 2.0. Being a newbie in the cohort and all I was nervous but it really broke the ice with the class and I totally gave myself credibility, thanks to the proff! ūüôā

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16 07 2009
Brenda Muench

I too really like the Classics for Kids site. Did you know you can sign up for a monthly email from them that announces the new composer they are working on for the month? The email usually includes some type of worksheet for that composer as well. Great stuff!

16 07 2009
Brad Johnston

Hi Brenda,

The Classics for kids site is great. Thanks for the heads up on the email updates. That would be very useful.



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