Great FREE Music Notation Web 2.0

29 08 2009

If you haven’t found NoteFlight online music application yet and are a music educator or composer, you should check it out now. It is so easy to use that you do not even need a manual. Plus it lets you share scores with others (teacher/student/class/parents) on any computer with an internet connection, without having to download anything.

I just fired it up and was using it without a manual in just a few minutes. My classes were composing in minutes. I just bought Sibelius software for my class and wish I would have seen this first. You can also import/export to and from Sibelius and Finale. The interface is something that the software creators at Apple may have created. And, it is FREE and available on any platform because it is internet based.

It includes all the most needed functions for score writing and then some. It’s simple entry interface allows you to write drum parts with special characters or guitar tabs in seconds.

You can even buy a teacher/class account that allows you to create, store, grade, (everything you want as a teacher) privately and set up classes and pre made lessons. Any lesson sheets are shared instantly with the class. It even allows for assessment comments to be input write onto the score.




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