– Create your own video game tutorials for FREE

2 10 2009 is a free service teachers can use to create their own educational games. Games made on can be shared via email or embedded into a blog or website. (Yet another reason for having a class website or blog). provides fifteen easy to use templates with which teachers can make educational games for their students. There are also pre-made games on which teachers will find useful.

Applications for Educators
Games and puzzles are good review tools for students. The templates on are flexible enough to be used with students of most grade levels and content areas. Rather than relying on pre-made games from expensive textbook publishers take advantage of the flexibility of the templates to create games specific to your curriculum and your students.




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2 10 2009

Very interesting site, im glad I found it. Im just starting to work with digital recording and its great.

2 10 2009
Brad Johnston

Thanks for your feedback. I am always surfing trying to find new things to try in class and often stumble across something that I think more people might want to know about. That is how I started with the site. I also get lots of questions about using technology in a classroom. If you are interested in recording I use GarageBand, Protools, Noteflight, and Sibelius. If you want to chat send me a note!

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