Great Companions – Edirol Portable Digital Recorder R-44 and Rode NT-4 Microphone

19 10 2009

r44_main base_media

This is a great affordable music studio for music educators to record all the music happening around their school. If you have a couple of thousand dollars to spend you should try this system. It is easy to setup and use. Great for recording concerts, solos, podcasts, you name it. Tag it with an Apple laptop and you are away to the races. Press your own CD of concerts, or put live performances on the web for listening.

I used the Edirol R-44 today for the first time and had some great results. I recorded solo vocals for an audition as well as acoustic guitar. Both recordings turned out beautiful. Although a little expensive (retail $995.00) it does pack a punch for a portable, lite, flexible, battery powered, usb, 4 channel recorder. I used it with two stereo Rode NT-4 stereo condenser microphone. Sells for around $529. I haven’t had a chance to try out the built in internal mics yet but I am sure they can’t beat the Rode.




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