Music Educators best friend – Edirol R-09 and R-09 HR

21 10 2009


Music educators use recordings for assessment and for sharing performances. If you need to record students performances or interviews be sure to get a portable digital recorder. There are several excellent ones on the market with slightly different configurations. I have already made a post of my favorite field recorder, the Edirol R-44. Look for my blog entry. I like the ability to handle 4 mics. However, if you need a quick and easy was to get excellent recordings look into the Edirol R-09 portable recorder. It has two built in condenser mics for clean foolproof stereo sound of excellent quality. Battery powered. You can chose the sound quality. A switch to turn on automated levels so you don’t get distortion from recording tracks too hot. Headphone out. A line in for an external mic. The body has a little to much plastic but if you don’t man handle it, it will stand up. I have used mine for the past 4 years with no problems. It is also affordable for those on a tight budget. Approximately $399. You do have to buy a memory flash card and I would suggest paying the extra for the leather carry case and tripod. It has limited editing in the unit itself but I think most people will edit using a computer onscreen with a program such as GarageBand or Audacity.




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