As Facebook Ages, Gen Y Turns to Twitter

10 11 2009


As Facebook Ages, Gen Y Turns to Twitter.  If Twitter is already getting old, I must be really …. I don’t want to think about it.  Apparently our younger population is starting to get into using Twitter.  Read the article.




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10 11 2009

I’ve actually also noticed this too, but with the even younger 14-18 bracket . Twitter barely stuck with any of our students when it was introduced in 2007~2008, but now there’s a fairly large, growing constituent.

I think we will continue to see this type of lag. Even though we credit youth as the ones interested in all the toys, the people who are way up front are actually the clique of power users and early adopters. Youth, it seems, is just the largest group that tends to pick it up and start running with it when it hits a tipping point.

10 11 2009
Brad Johnston

I would agree with your views. Teens are the ones that have the time, need, and want, to communicate with others on a frequent basis. They will use whatever is popular, cheap, easy, and hopefully NOT on their parents radar (at least from their perspective).

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