Teaching Handwriting using an Interactive Whiteboard

14 11 2009

Teaching Handwriting using an Interactive Whiteboard

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Teaching Handwriting using an Interactive Whiteboard

We still practice handwriting at school with the children. Since having SMARTBoards I have been using the software to transform the way we teach it and the way we support the children.

I don’t think that handwriting is that important, what is written is more important to me – however the practice does encourage some structure, which can improve legibility.

Instead of just using the board to model the different joins (replace) I use the SMART Recorder to make a little movie of the joins as I model them and play them back, on a loop (tranform). Most IWB software (if any good!) has some sort of video screen capture tool. This allows me to step away from the board and go and support he children as they are working. As the class work they can easily look up and see the modelled join/word playing back on the board.

Before I explain how to do that, here is my routine for teaching any handwriting session. When we begin I remind the children about the 5 Ps.

* Position – I encourage them to think about the position they are in and where there book should be.
* Place – are they cramped or squashed? Make sure they have enough room on their table.
* Pen – I talk about the tripod grip, to watch out for the power grip where the wrist and lower arm is too tense and encourage the precision grip with a freely moving wrist etc.
* Posture – Can you feel the back of the chair in the lower back. Don’t be too upright and tense, be comfortable and relaxed.
* Peace – We all need some to do our best.

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