Top Ten List – Web 2.0 Articles – YIS BTG and BarCamp Presentations

22 11 2009

Thanks to all those that shared their ideas, views, knowledge, and interest in using technology in the classroom. I hope you found some new ideas and are now more able to move forward with your own education in technology development. I was about to put together a list of my favorite Web 2.0 software and went to a fellow teachers site where I knew there was a posting I wanted to include. I discovered he had already posted his list which included many of my favorite so I decided to post a list of helpful sites of lists instead. If there is something specific that isn’t listed here that you heard me talk about and wanted to follow up on, please drop me a note. If you are looking for music related software that I either mentioned or demonstrated see the first list below or find a connection on my website at or here on this blog.

Things to try in class. Mentioned at BTG or BarCamp
Go here are some of them
WebQuest lesson planning, an interesting and fun way to get through large quantities of material
Software tutorials on Media Software
Music Tech Tutorials
Music Theory Connections

Here are 10 articles to get you started with your investigation. Of course you can start here at Music Tech For Teachers.

1. Free Technology for Teachers

2. CindyDannerKuhn

3. Dallas “The Technology Component”

4. Frank “Creativity, Technology and Authentic Assessment”

5. iLearn – The education magazine for mac users

6. Linking Learning to Technology

7. Compiled List of Web 2.0 resources

8. “Technology for the Classroom”

9. “Cool Tech Tools for Teachers”

10. “Following the Thread” – How an English teacher started with technology



2 responses

22 11 2009
Rick Martin

Thanks for an awesome GarageBand session. Barcamp was pretty amazing. Nice job!

22 11 2009
Brad Johnston

Thanks Rick, I am glad you got something out of it. It is fun to talk about music, tech, and education. If you have any questions left unanswered be sure to drop me a line and I will see if I can help. In return if you find any cool apps while surfing please let me know.

Hope to share again in the future.

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