The Teacher Chronicles

29 11 2009

The Teacher Chronicles has two wonderful sites. Go here for the first one which is a great resource for those interested in using the computer in the classroom.  It is quite a large collection of articles and ideas about using the web to further the learning experience.  Worth checking out.

The second great site using the same The Teacher Chronicles name is a huge resource specifically aimed at using web 2.0 software and what all this great software can do to help you make the classroom more fun. Check it out here.

I found the link to all of this on another great site called Free Technology for Teachers.




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30 11 2009

Thanks Brad! I have also written about your brilliant blog!

30 11 2009
Brad Johnston

Hi Jesper, Thanks again for your blog – great stuff. I have a problem I have been unable to find a good solution for and I am wondering if you might know a solution. I want to be able to upload my students work onto their class blogs. If possible it would be great if the students could post them themselves but if I find a good way I could do it myself. I would also like to have the students be able to comment on their work as well as other students work. Do you know of:
1. a good software for uploading mp3’s to edublogs on wordpress?
2. any ideas how students could leave comments on projects online?

Brad Johnston
Music Tech for Teachers

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