Tibco: A Twitter Like Service That’s About Subjects More Than People

7 12 2009

Tibco: A Twitter Like Service That’s About Subjects More Than People
Written by Alex Williams / December 6, 2009 8:59 PM / 1 Comments
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tibco.gifTibco is coming out with a Twitter like service that has an emphasis on subject matters more than following people.

In Tibco’s view, the enterprise is not about the people anymore but the subject and contextual information that relates to a person’s job. The value is in decoupling the subject matter from the person so the right information can be found quickly and easily.

The service is called tibbr, which Tibco describes as a workplace communications tool. Tibco has a corporate focus on real-time technologies. In June, the company announced Tibco Silver, a cloud-based platform for developing applications in the enterprise. tibbr is built on the Silver platform.

tibbr is a real-time technology that is definitely different than a service like Salesforce Chatter, which aggregates commentary on different matters to give context and knowledge about a particular topic.

Instead, tibbr will offer a service that is more about finding information about the most granular of topics.

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