36 Audio Interfaces for under $1000

1 01 2010

A friend asked me for advise on which digital audio interface to buy. He didn’t want to spend too much of his hard earned money and he is a dabler that likes to experiment with audio at home. I hadn’t looked at these devises for several months and discovered some new equipment is now available. There are several new entries on the entrance level and after reading up I give you that old wise phrase “You get what you pay for!”

Instead of collecting data for a post I decided to steer you to an article that is brought to you by one of my favorite sites. Audio Tuts+

Most home studios today are centered around a personal computer. (And yes – despite what the ad says, a Mac is a personal computer too.) An audio interface is the audio gateway from the outside world into your computer.

Most computers come with a sound card with line and mic inputs, and many people use these when starting out with audio recording. But if you are serious about the quality of your work, you should avoid them. They have inferior audio to digital converters, and often produce a good deal of noise. You need to choose a professional audio interface that allows you to plug in your mics and instruments, and connects to your computer through a USB, Firewire, PCI or PCMCIA interface.




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