Have your Students Sound like Chris Brown or T Pain

6 01 2010

How to Auto-Tune yourself in GarageBand Here is a great project to help students learning how to compose lyrics for songs. For most of us, our vocal skills are somewhat limited. So to inspire students to write and record lyrics for their melodies teach them how to use auto tune. This is especially fun for students that do not have the greatest set of tonsils. They can sound very cool and record their original lyrics without sounding out of tune. AND, it is sooo much fun.

Even though Auto-tune – that funky robot effect that ruled the radio for a big chunk of 2008 – has been officially declared dead by no less a rap superstar than Jay-Z himself, people still went nuts for T-Pain’s Auto-tune app on the iPhone. You don’t have to have an iPhone (or pay hundreds of dollars for official Antares Auto-tune software) to get that T-Pain sound, though. In fact, you can do it with an app that comes preloaded on the average Mac: Garageband. Check out the gallery for a step-by-step guide to bringing the T-Pain.

Watch the tutorial below for an easy explanation of how to use auto tune in GarageBand. You will be sounding like Chris Rock in no time. YouTube tutorial from uschoolme




One response

1 03 2013

This was awesome thanks! Looking for some fun projects for my middle school kids in Garageband.

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