IB Music Text – The Enjoyment of Music by Norton Publishing

14 01 2010

If you are new to teaching IB Music or are just looking for a new textbook try Norton’s Enjoyment of Music. It comes in two versions, one is the short version. This is the one I use and it is more than enough. They also have a new shorter version called “Enjoyment of Music, Essential Listening”. All of the group come with sound file CD’s and a wonderful collection of online resources for student and teacher. You can go online for free and use the studyguide. A well planned site with online testing for formative and summative assessments. They even have online listening for a small fee that matches up with chapters and special listening guides from the text.

Teachers are not left out either. You can download a full set of powerpoint presentations for the whole text. Check it out at Norton Publishing. While there you may want to look at the new “Jazz”, “What’s the Sound” the History of Rock texts as well.




3 responses

13 09 2010
Michael Oliver

Hello. Quick question: to prep for the IB Music Exam do you believe the shorter version of The Enjoyment of Music is sufficient or do you recommend the full, longer version? Thanks!


13 09 2010
Brad Johnston

Hi Michael,

I think the short version is fine. They actually even have another newer versions on the norton publishing site, you should probably check them out as well. Some of them look a little lighter and maybe better for high school.

15 09 2010
Michael Oliver

Many thanks Brad!

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