Humber College Music Program Alumni Shines

21 01 2010

I attended Humber College and studied music performance and composition back in the 70’s. I really enjoyed my time there and got so much out of the program. Since then I have tried to keep tabs on how the music program has developed. Recently I was proud to see that a past graduate has won a Grammy for one of his music compositions.

Here is a bit of the article I found in the school’s online publication of “Humber Et Cetera”. Way to go Anthony. I will be looking for your name in lights.

A Humber graduate was recognized in Los Angeles after winning a Daytime Emmy award for Best Original Song.
Anthony Vanderburgh, a 1981 graduate of Humber’s music program, won the Daytime Emmy award for his work on the 6TEEN theme song with his partner and Berkeley graduate, Don Breithaupt. 6TEEN is an animated TV series shown on Teletoon which launched in 2004.
Vanderburgh said that he chose Humber’s music program because it was the best music program in Canada. He said that although he learned a lot about arranging and composing during his time at Humber, there was a lot to learn in the world of music.
“It’s a crazy business and no one can really prepare you for that” said Vanderburgh.
His success was not instant. He explained that music was always something he wanted to pursue and began playing in bands as early as Grade 8. After graduating from Humber he was hired at Canada’s Wonderland for the summer as a leader in a ten piece band.

Link to Humber College Music Program
Read the rest of this article here.



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