Prezi – Online Presentation Software for People More Artisitic

27 01 2010

Prezi is a Web based software. I seem to making a multitude of posts about Web based software lately. There are so many new or improved applications currently flooding the market. Many of which have free trial or entry level accounts. Some you don’t even have to make an account. I really love this kind of software. It saves space on my hard drive and is totally portable (you will need an internet connection of course).

The newest for me is Prezi. If you make presentations at school for any reason you will love this software. It just looks great, new, and cool. On top of all that it is easy to use and you can get a FREE 100 mb startup account. Educators can get a 500 gig startup account. Prezi also offers a free 500 mb of space to get you started with a FREE account. Schools or heavy uses may want to explore using the Educators license that will allow you to obviously do much more with your presentations for a small price. Go to Prizi and take a look at the new education pricing.




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