Beamz – a new performance instrument? or controller?

19 02 2010

I just had a bit of fun at the New Jersey Music Educators trade show playing a new controller called the “Beamz”. It comes in two versions. The Beamz may be an instrument I suppose, the more expensive version gives the user the capability to load their own sound samples. The cheaper doesn’t come with the software to create your own sound samples. I am not sure if this is really an instrument but it sure is fun to play. It has two playing areas, one for each hand. The player uses their hands to break the beam which triggers pre recorded sound files. The longer you break the beam the longer the sound files plays. So if you just give it a short break it only plays the first note of a sequence of notes loaded as the sound. The longer you hold the beam the longer the sample plays. Each beam has a different sample connected so you have 6 sound samples to play on top of a groove. Pretty cool. I can see this being a fun performance instrument for students that do not play an instrument. Especially if they create and load their own sound files. The software is only currently available for Windows users but I was assured the Apple version is coming soon. Check out Beamz.




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