Podium/Workstation for Music Educators by Wenger – the Flex Conductor’s System

20 02 2010

The Flex Conductor’s System by Wenger is just that, flexable. Build like a component ultimate support stand it can be assembled in many different configurations. It has a cooling stand for your laptop, a work area, stand for a keyboard, and even a cup holder/pencil and marker cup. I was attracted as I am in need of a desk that raps around a corner. Voila, the Wenger.

Here is a bit of their writeup online.

Flex™ Conductor’s System

Every profession has its tools. And no tool let’s you conduct your business better than the new Flex™ Conductor’s System from Wenger. This system combines the simplicity of a large, adjustable conductor’s stand with a versatile TechBridge that holds the high-tech tools you use every day. Accessory mounts let you secure laptops, MIDI keyboards, speakers, MP3 players and much more to the system. Personalize the height, angle, number and combination of tools you want to create a workspace the works for you. Read the rest.




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