Great Free VST Plugin Effects for your DAW

28 02 2010

This post is for PC users only and is brought to you by Variety of Sound. I always like free stuff and these VST plugins are not only free they are all work great. Check em out at Variety of Sound. Here are some of the Goodies. BootEQmkII – EQ + pre-amp simulator – seems to me like a channel strip with a wicked tube preamp. The GUI is amazingly nice and the tube is animated.
Density – a very useful compressor, mostly for drums.
Nasty Series – Contains:
NastyLF – low frequency enhancer
NastyHF – high frequency enhancer
NastyCS – character channel strip
NastyVSD – virtual summing device
NASTYtableTop – low-mid booster and colouring
Rescue – analog style modeled signal designer
TesslaSE – tube saturator
epicVerb – it’s a reverb and it’s epic…

All Plug-Ins are PC only and a VST compatible host and SSE compatible CPU is required.



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