Cloudpost – Convenient Desktop App for uploading to SoundCloud

11 03 2010

If you are a user and fan of SoundCloud (a wonderful app for uploading and sharing mp3 files with others, includes a Drop Box feature – see HERE) you may be interested in this handy app that allows the user to drag and drop from the desktop to your SoundCloud account. Easy, and Free. Doesn’t get any better than that! Cloudpost

CloudPost is a sweet App to upload a set of tracks to SoundCloud. If you’re not yet registered with SoundCloud, check out the tour and sign up for free. CloudPost was built in close collaboration with the wonderful SoundCloud team and is maintained by Christian Stropp.

I tried a new lesson plan using this software this week and it went quite well so I have decided to add it here.

I teach listening and analysis to my seniors and have been giving them an mp3 or CD to listen to and then they write a listening and analysis report on what they hear. I tried using SoundCloud to share a song with them this week. It was fantastic as they could leave a voicethread on the audio file I gave them in real time. It worked beautifully and they didn’t even have to give a bar number of the score or timeline of the mp3 as the file is playing along with their comments. It is a great way to get students to practice for the IB Music Listening and Analysis Exam coming in May. Give it a try. I am sure you will enjoy it.




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