Online Drum Machine – Great Visual Aid for Teaching Rhythm and Note Values

15 03 2010

Online Drum Machine – Explore the rhythm. This digital online drum machine is visually set up like the old Roland drum machines that had a series of 16 buttons representing the 16th notes in a measure. It is a great way to teach students the how drum set patterns are put together. As a drummer I quickly learned that if you can subdivide and think about pockets of time that when added together make up a whole you will finally get in the groove and understand and feel note placement. A drum machine like this allows you to teach or understand how the beats fit together as a whole. It is all about learning fractions and how they can all happen at the same time because they all make a whole. It is what makes playing music really fun for a drummer, the math of how you can put things together is so many different ways and still end up with a whole.Online Drum Machine




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