Wireless Recharging for your Phone, iPod and more

22 03 2010

The Powermat is great. A little on the expensive side but if you are like me and have a multitude of cables for recharging devices check out this slick solution. The Powermat comes in two different types. One for home or office and the other for travel (it folds and packs up in a travel case). Both Powermat come with attachments that enable a multitude of devices to be charged. You can also get a case for you cell phone that enables you to just set the device down on the mat without connecting anything and it will charge. In the case is the sensor to make contact with the mat. The mat charges up to three devices at the same time and has an automatic power off when the device is fully charged. Here is a video if you would like to see it almost live. A little expensive (I found it online for $88) but worth it if you are running out of wall plugs for chargers.  Check out this review and pics of this incredible device.



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