AudioTool – FREE Online Music Composition Application

15 04 2010

Audio Tool is just too much fun. You start with a pallet of gear on the side table. Pull out the equipment you want to use onto the desktop and wire them together. Pull out your mixer, a drum machine, syth and patch them together and you are away to the races. Pretty cool is Audio Tool! For music Educators this would be a good intro software for students starting composition classes. The synth allows you to fill in squares on a rubric and then the sequencer plays what has been posted. The drum machine is like an old roland rhythm maker. Sixteen buttons that light up when the instrument is being played. Quite easy and great for getting students to use sub division of beats. Get a drum book out and program some of the beats. Great for understanding music rhythm notation and how different note lengths fit together. Check it out!




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6 06 2012

What about classical music composition? I’d like to start composing classical pieces, and I’m looking for a TOTALLY FREE, NO DOWNLOADING OR PURCHASING classical composition program.

6 06 2012
Brad Johnston

I would go with Apple’s GarageBand but of course you will need an Apple computer. Check out Avery’s Mina app. They have an online app. I am not sure how many classical instrument sounds they have.

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