Classroom Maestro – Overhead Onscreen Piano Keyboard Software

17 04 2010

Just connect a usb or midi piano keyboard and the software shows the class what notes your are playing. Great resource for music educators. Classroom Maestro by Timewarp.

All you have to do is press a single key on your computer keyboard to tell Classroom Maestro what you want to illustrate. Then, play notes on your MIDI keyboard. Classroom Maestro does the rest–with perfect formatting!

Classroom Maestro is your intelligent, musical servant who understands what key you are in and who knows how to spell notes correctly on the staff, using your choice of grand staff, treble clef, bass clef, or any of the five C clefs. And when you touch just a single key on your computer keyboard, Classroom Maestro will even display an analysis of the notes shown on the staff, including:

* note names
* interval names
* chord names (using either jazz or Roman numeral analysis)
* scale names (approximately 200 scale names in the database) Read More….




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