Moo Cow Music’s “Band” for Apple iPad & iPod

19 04 2010

Well if you don’t love this app you have got to love the company logo. “Band” by Moo Cow Music is an all in one multi sequencer. You have drums, bass, keyboard and a great interface. One of the first serious music apps on the iPhone, Band was demoed live on-stage during the Steve Jobs Keynote at WWDC 2008 to huge applause. It was in the top five downloaded apps at the launch of the App Store, went on to be listed as one of the Top 10 Music Apps for 2008, and has been in the Music App charts ever since. Band has been featured in, amongst other things, the ‘Best iPhone Apps’ book and the ‘iPhone App Directory’ book.




3 responses

4 05 2010
Brad Johnston

Apple sure does have a nack for developing new items and thinking outside the box. And more, it is just an extremely cool device. It thought that I wouldn’t want one when I read about them. I thought is was too expensive for something that wasn’t a computer. But then, I got my hands on one. It was just so fast and beautifully designed. No it doesn’t do what a computer does and it does have a fair number of features users will probably want and Apple will probably add but again…it is just so fast and…cool! I love it.

10 08 2010

this is a pretty neat app. Pending the samples are OK you could use this as a song writer for some cool demos when you have an idea and you’re away from your actual instruments. For all the iPad and iPhone haters out there this app illustrates that these devices are worth while, we just have to have the right use for them.

10 08 2010
Brad Johnston

Hi David, I was quite happy to see this app as well. I knew it was just a matter of time before some very useful apps were written for musicians and now there are several well thought out ones on the market, and affordable as well.


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