Technology Assessments – How are your students doing?

21 04 2010

Some of you may be interested in this service I read about in the latest Kto12 online publication. It is called “Simple Assessment”

SimpleAssessment is your no-hassle, worry-free solution to measuring and improving your students’ technology proficiency.

Based on the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) National Educational Technology Standards for Students (NETS-S), the assessment is available in the following versions:

* NETS-S 1998 for PC
* NETS-S 1998 for Mac
* NETS-S 2007 for PC (Office 2003)
* NETS-S 2007 for PC (Office 2007)
* NETS-S 2007 for Mac (Office 2008)

SimpleAssessment is a completely free solution that includes:

* Learning Management System
* Instantaneous, 24/7 reporting features
* Pre- and Post-Assessments
* Unlimited Users
* Unlimted Access




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