Indaba Music for Music Educators – Resources and Sharing

14 07 2010

Idaba Music

I believe that educators should share information and Music Tech for Teachers is all about sharing information on music and technology and how use it in the classroom. After many years working in the entertainment music industry I started this blog to share ideas about how music education can better prepare students for jobs in the multi-billion dollar media and entertainment industry. One of the ways we can make music education programs more current are to develop music composition using digital media. Now you can do this online using many of the new web based softwares. A fellow educator developing some of this technology sent me a nice note the other day.

I received an email from Alexandra Stewart at Indada Music pointing me to her online service for music educators. The site’s main focus is on collaboration using their online suite of software to compose, edit, and mix original material online using an online music recording software called “Mantis”.

Artists such as the famous cellest YoYoMa have put their stamp of approval on the site and it really does look interesting. They also offer a chance for music educators to link up and try projects together. I have done this in the past with friends teaching in other countries and it really is an exciting experience for everyone involved. Check out the Indada Music site for yourself here.

They offer a basic membership for free and charge a minimal fee to upgrade if needed.




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