Online Test Maker – Great for Practice Questions or Testing

4 10 2010

ClassMarker is a web based software that is FREE for those just interested in using it for a practice test. The free version doesn’t email you the results so it is limited as to what you can do with it. This does allow you to try it out and see if it is what you are looking for. ClassMarker gives the teacher a fair amount of flexibility in the look of the test. You can brand them with a school logo. You can add pictures to a question but unfortunately you cannot add sound files or video which is one of the reasons I wanted to produce an online test. If anyone knows of a software that allows sound files to be added please let me know as I have still not found one. At any rate, ClassMarker sounds a useful software. Even the free version. The paid versions are still quite cheap. Check out ClassMarker.

Brenda Muench from Tech Tempo just shared this online program if you are interested. It is called QuizStar, and is available from Check it out HERE Thanks for sharing Brenda!




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5 10 2010

Great Find.

I just wanted to add you can add video (and sound) to tests in ClassMarker, even on the free version. They allow you to embed YouTube videos into questions and answers and feedback. Because YouTube videos can be both Video or Audio, you can do this easily with ClassMarker.

5 10 2010
Brad Johnston

Thanks for that. Very useful.

15 10 2010
Brenda Muench

I threw out on Twitter that I needed something that would self-grade and let me insert audio and images. Someone sent me to

So far it’s working out great. Students do have to create user accounts but no email address is required. Win, win, win for me as an elementary teacher. I’m doing my first quiz on Monday with my 3rd graders.

15 10 2010
Brad Johnston

Thanks Brenda, It looks like it might be what I am looking for.

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