Teach Yourself – Home Study- Music Lesson Application

7 10 2010

Practice, practice, practice. It takes a long time to become a musician people want to listen to. But what if you are willing to practice but have questions and no teacher? Discover, Learn and Play has a really slick online application that is set up just for individual home practice. The interface is wonderful and the knowledge base seems quite good as well. A little expensive, $9.95 per month for at home individual study, or educators can get a special price of $12 per student annually. Discover, Learn and Play and their Music K ed.com site also cover all of the usual theory lessons. Many of which can be found for free online but this is a very well put together and very well thought out site. Lessons on all of the usual instruments. The things I like the most about this site is the interface and layout. I haven’t paid for a membership but it looks like the content should be good as well looking at their titles. It would be nice to have a one month free trial to check out the lesson plans and content. Worth a look see none the less, especially for home schooled music students.




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14 10 2010
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