I Wanna Hold Your iPad

21 11 2010

There are so many great apps that have come out the last few months that make the iPad a wonderful music tool. Well now you don’t have to worry about your iPad falling on the floor while onstage. Check out the iKlip by IK Multimedia. There has been a lot of hype about this product.

“Put your iPad centre stage with the new iKlip, a
microphone stand adapter for the iPad. For musicians and other who
want to be able to read from their iPad during presentations, the
iKlip puts an iPad at the right angle for viewing while still
allowing access to the iPad controls and ports. It has a universal
stand clip to work with most microphone stands and the angle of the
iPad can be adjusted. the iPad can be held in either the landscape
or portrait position and the iKlip mounts either on a vertical
microphone stand or on the horizontal boom. The Italian designed and
manufactured iKlip is scheduled for release in December.”



One response

24 11 2010
Amplitude App for the iPad – An amp in your phone or ipad. « Music Tech for Teachers

[…] If you use an iPad on stage check out this really cool holder for the iPad that attaches to a music or mic stand. No more getting your iPad kicked around or dropped on the floor. Plus it is at the optimum height and position to manipulate your apps on the fly while strumming your power chords. Check it OUT […]

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