Famous Couples in Music – Music Listening Lesson Plan

25 11 2010

I wanted a new music listening lesson plan for my class and started listening to our school music library and came across a recording of an old Sonny and Cher recording. This started a “remember when” conversation with a colleague that eventually turned into a conversation about famous musical couples. I found a podcast radio show on one of my favorite sites, Classics for Kids called “All in the Musical Family”. The show features Robert and Clara Schumann, Dovorak and Suk, Wagner and Listz, Mozart and Weber, and of course the Bachs. We then went on and ruined everything, the Captain and Tennille, The Osbourns, the Loves.

For my lesson plan I played the radio show and we discussed how many of the artists they recognized the music and/or name. I then asked them to Google for famous music couples and present to the class after about 15 minutes of searching asking them to include a YouTube or recording and some interesting factual information pertaining to what made them famous musicians. Lots of great conversation during all of this and we listened to a wonderful cross section of music. Try it OUT!



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