Voicethread – 100 Great Ideas

22 03 2011

Some of the teachers at our school were exploring with VoiceThread this year. They have all found it to be a useful tool in the classroom for giving feedback, assessment, reflection, and just to share ideas. For those of you that have never tried it VoiceThread allows the uploading of video and audio for publishing online. Then the viewer can use the microphone in their laptop to leave voice comments that are recorded with the video in real time.

Web based software is very useful for education as most are easy to use and everything is online so things are easy to share with others around the world. I like to use VoiceThread to capture a student’s reflection on finished work.

Of course once a teacher takes the time to teach students how to use an application it is great if other teachers in the school can make use of the application as well. If you are interested in Voicethread check it out. Here is a very clever and useful video of 100 Ways to use VoiceThread.




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