Educational Games for Music

22 04 2011

If you are looking for a fun year end music lesson try introducing your students to a wonderful music training site called “Theta Music Trainer“. My kids loved the interactive music games. This group of games includes some of the most useful music interactive games I have seen. Train your ear to tune an instrument, hear rhythms, recorgnize chords and intervals. Many other games have been offered on these topics but I find these particularly useful. It would be great if there was a way students could send their progress to their teacher.

You can also read a press release on it HERE on PRWeb

I will be following up shortly with some feedback from my Middle and High School music students.



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3 05 2011

great- thanks for the link. Have you used this yet? I’ll be interested to hear how you go as I have primary aged students and would like something like this. Cheers.

3 05 2011
Brad Johnston

I have tried this out with my classes. Only the first three levels as you have to get a membership for more. I found it useful enough to warrent getting a membership for next year. I like that you can set up lessons with it and see the students levels of achievement for the set exercises. It is something you can assign for homework or even use it for final assessment. I have also found it great as a perk when the student has completed an assignment ahead of the others. Try the tuning game. One of the most usable apps I have seen for developing pitch.

25 01 2012

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