Sharing Class Notes and Project Ideas Online with Catch

19 11 2011

My students and I have found it very convenient and practical to create Google docs online with others and work as a team to build study resources. I have seen other online web 2.0 apps that do something similar but Catch has delivered that same sharing flexibility yet has a much better appearance.

Catch lets you keep your notes private or invite friends and fellow students and/or teachers to contribute.

In the classroom it is great for getting students to prepare study notes and prepare for a test.  Catch makes a wonderful review module.

And as a music teacher being able to include audio files is a wonderful and welcome addition.  Catch

Online Group Study – Share Flashcards, Notes, and more

5 11 2011

StudyBlue is an online app that lets the your students and yourself work together as a team. Students can create and share StudyBlue notes and even create digital StudyBlue flashcards.

Another similar app is called OpenStudy. This one is very insteresting as it allows students to join other students they don’t know to work together is study groups. Students can search by subject and find other OpenStudy students online.

WallWisher – Collaborative Online Notice Board Share Space

27 08 2010

WallWisher is a pretty cool online notice/activity board for sharing and collaborating with others. There is no sign up cost. It works well in a classroom situation to share files of any kind with students working on a project. You can make a different board for each project. Students can add info as well in desired. Check WallWisher out and start sharing.

Post It – Lino It – Online collaboration and sharing of ideas

28 05 2010

Lino It – a Sticky like online application.

To get started all you have to do is create an account. No fees unless you want to upgrade. You can make you shared site and files private or public.

Live Polling Software – Getting the Pulse of Your Students

30 04 2010

Polleverywhere is a cool online app that lets you poll your students. I can see this having a multitude of uses in my classroom from formative assessment to study questions. Polleverywhere Here is a few ways to use it.

Texting Q&A Green surveys
Text feedback to the teacher
Anonymous answers to sensitive questions
Brainstorming with everyone in the room
Comprehension checks

A MUST-SEE for Every Educational Administrator in the World

17 03 2010

ILoveEdTech and Dan Brown bring something interesting about our school system and the way things are headed. Watch this interesting piece on today’s eduction on the “Simple K12 Blog”#Edtech

Technology Institute for Music Educators

20 02 2010

The Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Pennsylvania whose mission is to assist music educators in applying technology to improve teaching and learning in music. Please browse the site and take advantage of the many resources offered here! If you are not yet a TI:ME member, please click the Join TI:ME! link to learn about the many benefits of TI:ME membership.