Online Music Mixers for Music Production

21 03 2013



Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 1.05.41 PMLoopLabs is one of the many new Music Application in the cloud sites that offers the ability to upload and remix music online.  Some pretty heavy names have been users including: Bacardi DJ, Lebron James/Sprite, ESPN, Microsoft, Sony/PSP, Calvin Klein, Miller Brewing, Coca-Cola, Heineken, Dodge, Toyota, Maverick Records and many more.  Check it out at LoopLabs

Amplitude App for the iPad – An amp in your phone or ipad.

24 07 2010

Guitar players will be extremely happy to hear that Amplitude effect and amp simulator has just been released for the iPad as well as as the iphone. You can get it at the iTunes store. Just open your iTunes and click on the iTunes store and do a search for Amplitude. IK Multimedia developed this software and is has developed several interesting and useful music applications.

If you use an iPad on stage, check out this really cool holder for the iPad. It is also made by IK Multimedia and attaches to a music or mic stand. No more getting your iPad kicked around or dropped on the floor. Plus it is at the optimum height and position to manipulate your apps on the fly while strumming your power chords. Check it OUT

Affordable Digital USB Interfaces for GarageBand

13 07 2010

If you are looking for a simple yet effective and affordable way to input audio into GarageBand try this interesting group of products by Apogee Electronics. They have several useful interfaces for composers including a guitar interface, a single channel called the One and a two channel iput interface called the Duo.

iPad Can Make a Great Touch Contol Panel for Music Recording

13 07 2010

Entrackment by Talkative

If you work with GarageBand you probably find yourself wishing for a controller surface that you can use for panning, track volume, etc. Unfortunately control interfaces usually cost hundeds of dollars or more. Well the guys at Talkative have developed an affordable app ($2.99 – yes that is three bucks) for the iPad called “Entrackment” that turns it into a controller for GarageBand and apparently soon to be added support for Protools, Logic Express, Logic Pro, and Record.


Soundation – Online Soundtrack Creation

5 06 2010

Soundation If you want to have some fun composing online (which makes it easy to share for an educator with students) try this new online music composition software. I haven’t had too much time to work with it but it is very similar to the many popular software DAW software titles on the market such as GarageBand or Acid. Loops and samples. The basic online software is free but if you want to get a library of sounds and loops you will have to pay. Most are around $4.99. A little expensive since it is not a pro composition and recording software. Especially when you consider GarageBand is free with a ton of sounds and loops with the computer. Soundation is interesting for sharing and collaborating on compositions. It seems to work fine online. Some latency issues but overall it is worth while checking out.Soundstation

GrooveMaker – Music composition application for the iPAD, iphone, FREE Download

28 05 2010

GrooveMaker is a fun music composition DAW for your new iPAD (which is now available in many countries). GrooveMaker has made it’s app available for FREE at the iTunes store. The original app is a free download and then if you want the extension packs they will cost. Check it out. GrooveMaker

Stoking a Music Fan’s Fancy With Apps That Rock

21 05 2010

Many musicians have been waiting to get their hands on an iPAD to see what it can do. I think most artists will want one anyway just because…. just because! There are some very interesting music apps on the market already that will run on the iPAD but …. Read this interesting article in the New York Times online by BOB TEDESCHI on some of the applications available for ipad and iphone.

The ipad and iphone have brought a whole new element to the creation of music. Non musicians can now compose music using some of the new computer assisted music programs. It is a fun way to enjoy music on a new level. No, you will not create orchestrations like Beethoven of Frank Zappa but it is still a way to stimulate and use your creative juices. Especially for young composers getting their feet and ears wet.