Practice App for Musicians – Tracks rehearsal and practice – FREE and iphone App

26 05 2012

I was looking for an app that would let students keep track of their rehearsal time in a method that included more than just how many minutes a day.  I wanted them to create a much more informative log.  I think this is it and it also has an iphone app to boot and it is FREE.  Students can record their rehearsal into the online program and teachers can track their students.

MuseAmi – Application That Lets Your Hear Notated Music.

22 03 2011

MuseAmi. No that is not some villain peering out from behind that iPad. It is Robert Taub a concert pianist and new CEO that has performed from Carnegie Hall to concert halls around the world. He wanted to help his daughter with her music. I guess she was having trouble figuring out the right rhythms and notes to play. It gave him an idea for a new software that could play sheet music so that a student could hear the music the way it is suppose to be played. It is available from MuseAmi.

Well he succeeded according to an article I read in the New York Times Online. It looks like it could be very useful for many upcoming musicians. Check it out here.

Here is another article on the software that I found in the Wall Street Journal Blogs

Great Post on Music Apps for the iPhone

15 03 2011

If you own an ipod touch, iphone, or if you are really lucky one of the new iPad 2 and are wondering what music apps might be available for your interface look no further. AppStorm has created a wonderful blog post of 100 music apps that is incredibly useful. Check it out HERE.

My Perspective – My Most Useful Music App for Teaching

8 01 2011

Everyone is making lists of their favorite apps from 2010. For me making a list is too finite. There are so many great apps out their but my most useful app that I used in 2010 as a music educator that I would not want to do without is NoteFlight. It is a music notation and playback application that has made a huge difference in my classroom. NoteFlight is not a granddaddy music publishing and notation software like Sibelius or Finale. However, it does include all of the most common and useful features you would need to teach general music and composition. My students make use of the fact that you can notate and print, save as a sound file, or a midi file for import into GarageBand (or other music DAW software). And the basic student membership to NoteFlight is free, it is online web software so the platform of computers you are using does not make a difference. Homework can be done with any computer with an internet hookup. Teachers and heavier users can buy a higher level membership at a very affordable price that allows more flexibility for sharing to larger numbers of students. This allows templates of exercises that can be shared online. I also can make comments in text on the music and share it back with the students. And not least the Interface is the best I have come across for notation software. It is simple, clean, and easy to use. No need for thick and heavy manuals. Check it out at

Create Your Own Custom Ring Tones for the iPhone

31 12 2010

I finally got my iphone for Christmas. Thanks family for finally coming through. (it has been the main thing on my list for a couple of years). I love it but the ringtone selection is very limited. If you have an iphone and are getting tired of the same old ringtones why not use some of the great music you have in your itunes collection as a ringtone. eHow has made a clear and easy posting on how to do it. Just go HERE for the posting.

I Wanna Hold Your iPad

21 11 2010

There are so many great apps that have come out the last few months that make the iPad a wonderful music tool. Well now you don’t have to worry about your iPad falling on the floor while onstage. Check out the iKlip by IK Multimedia. There has been a lot of hype about this product.

“Put your iPad centre stage with the new iKlip, a
microphone stand adapter for the iPad. For musicians and other who
want to be able to read from their iPad during presentations, the
iKlip puts an iPad at the right angle for viewing while still
allowing access to the iPad controls and ports. It has a universal
stand clip to work with most microphone stands and the angle of the
iPad can be adjusted. the iPad can be held in either the landscape
or portrait position and the iKlip mounts either on a vertical
microphone stand or on the horizontal boom. The Italian designed and
manufactured iKlip is scheduled for release in December.”

Chord Charts for your iPad

8 10 2010

Here is an interesting blog posting from a wonderful music blog called AudioTuts. If you haven’t checked them out it is well worth it. Lots of ideas about technology and music. This article is about a new app for the iPad using chordcharts. Read the full article here at AudioTuts.