Online Drum Lessons & Education Resources

30 01 2012

Vic Firth Online Drum Lessons and Resources for Education
If you are an educator or a drum student and need some incredible resources try this wonderful online resource that is extremely well put together. Great teachers, techniques, video, audio, backing tracks, rudimental lessons, etc. You name it, it you need something to teach a drum lesson you will probably find it at the Vic Firth Education Resource Center

Great Music Resources for the Classroom

18 09 2011

I have been making my own resources for a while now because I had a hard time finding published materials I was happy with. I finally found a great site called FUN Music Company. They have so many great resources and they fit the way I work because I can download them as digital files and print off whenever I want. Fun Music Company has a wide variety of materials to choose from. Everything from great printable theory books of all levels. Great for grades 6 through 12. They also have course materials for Rock & Roll, Instruments of the Orchestra, Jazz & Blues, Composers, World Music and more.

And, they are very reasonable priced for the quality and quantity of worksheets, assessments, lessons, workbooks, listening suggestions, log books, etc. etc.
Check out Fun Music Company and see what you think.

Hip Hop in the Classroom – This weeks News

16 09 2011

Flocabulary is a fun and well organized site that offers the news in RAP and much more. Lesson plans and More at Flocabulary

Song Composition – Rapping Romeo and Juliet

14 09 2011

Rapping is both an interesting and accessible composition style that can teach students all about musical form, rhythm, phrasing, dynamics, timing, lyric creation, digital audio recording and more.

For a lesson idea that will link you into the English department, ask them which play they are including in the years curriculum. In my case it was Romeo and Juliet. I got them to translate the soliloquy into modern language and create a rap performance. It was not only hugely successful and fun, the students learning more about song construction, music theory, and performance than they will ever know.

Mindmapping Collaborative Applications for Lesson Plans and Presentations

23 04 2011

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I am amazed I haven’t heard of these apps before. I attended a Try It On Monday tech seminar in Tokyo and one of the presenters was introducing two different apps that I found so interesting and ultimately useful for education. The first is great for creating collaborative mindmapping clouds and is called “Text 2 Mindmap”. You can create a beautiful mindmap and save as a pic file. The best thing is that it can be collaborative.

The second app is called Mind42. This one I found particularly intriguing. It is an elegant way to create a lesson that is multi media oriented. It is also great if you would like to post your lesson afterwards on a web site. The visual mapping display can link: docs, youtubes, and sound files. The end result is a beautiful and clean display of pods that you can enter as you see fit. You can start a lesson with them all closed and open them one at a time. You could assign different students to make a pod of their own that is added to the whole. I like posting a lot of sites and info that are related to a topic as I find them. I like mind42 for this purpose as I can link everything there and then open them only when and if I need the info during a lecture. I think I will be using this app a lot in the future.

Yet another app for mind mapping is MindMeister. It is similar to the other. With this one you can collaborate as well as share and connect with your iPad or iPhone.

Listening and Analysis – Chose the Cover Band for the next RollingStone Magazine

28 03 2011

If you are looking for a new listening and analysis music lesson idea check out this blog posting. They want people to rank and chose the next cover or RollingStone Magazine. Should be fun for both the students and teachers to see if they can pick a winner.

The Big Quake Music Lesson

15 03 2011

Pictures taken in Yokohama, Japan the day after the big quake and tsunami hit.

Our school has been canceled for the week due to fallout from the terrible earthquake that rocked our world last Friday. Many of us are still connected however via the internet. Here is my E-Lesson for my students in grades 6-12.

The Big Quake Music Lesson

As we have been discovering, music can create different moods, themes, feelings, tones, emotions, affects and more. It can affect us all in many different ways.

Since we cannot get together face to face, and since the quake has definitely caused distress and hardship to so many unfortunate people, I would like you to consider the following and see what you come up with.


If you could send one piece of music to all of those that have lost a loved one in this terrible tragedy, which song would you send them and why?

Choose a song you think would be appropriate to give someone in this situation and write a short reflection about your reasons for choosing it.

I want you to consider the following in your answer.
• How does this music affect you?
• What is the message of the song?
• How does the choice of instruments affect the mood of the music?
• Does the tempo affect the mood of the music?

When you are done please send your response via email. Be sure to include a link to a YouTube performance of your song or attach an mp3.