Teaching Rock Songs can get Students Rockin!

21 09 2011

I read an interesting article about a “new” idea on how teaching rock to young people is a wonderful way for them to get interested in learning music. I am not sure how “new” this idea is but it does make sense. I started using Rock Band software on a PlayStation with my grade 6 students a few years ago and it got them all playing their favorite songs on drums, guitar, keyboard, and singing as well.

We use to teach common folk songs to get kids interested. Why don’t we update the situation to include current material rather than the same songs as when our parents were kids. Makes sense that their would be more interest if the songs were more current.

You can read the article called “Rock is not the Enemy” and make your own call, Rock Is Not the Enemy By DAVID BORNSTEIN

Hip Hop in the Classroom – This weeks News

16 09 2011

Flocabulary is a fun and well organized site that offers the news in RAP and much more. Lesson plans and More at Flocabulary

This Week’s News in RAP

1 04 2011

A fun way to get a recap of this weeks news. Give it a go at This Week in Rap.

YouTube Symphony Audtions 2011

13 10 2010

If you know of any musicians that would like to audition for the 2nd anual YouTube Symphony get them to sign up at the YouTube online site.
Go here to check out the YouTube Symphony Auditions Online
Submissions close November 28, 2010.

New Visual Dictionary – Wordia

14 09 2010

Wordia is a new visual video aid for young readers. When a word is looked up in the Wordia dictionary you get a professionally prepared video with a host explaining the meaning of the word. Wordia is quite a bit of fun and really a new experience for young readers.

Here is one of their videos for the word “nuckle”

New Application “MuseAmi” Lets You Hear Printed Music – A New Way to Help Composers?

22 08 2010

No that is not some villain peering out from behind that iPad. It is Robert Taub a concert pianist and new CEO that has performed from Carnegie Hall to concert halls around the world. He wanted to help his daughter with her music. I guess she was having trouble figuring out the right rhythms and notes to play. It gave him an idea for a new software that could play sheet music so that a student could hear the music the way it is suppose to be played. It is available from MuseAmi.

Well he succeeded according to an article I read in the New York Times Online. It looks like it could be very useful for many upcoming musicians. Check it out here.

Here is another article on the software that I found in the Wall Street Journal Blogs

El Salon Mexico – The Movie – IB Music Prescribed Work

8 06 2010

El Salon Mexico – The Movie.

El Salon Mexico – The Movie.

IB students and teachers, here is a fun way to listen to one of this years prescribed works “El Salon Mexico” by Aaron Copland.  It is an award winning short animation that is set to Copland’s famous piece.  It won’t help too much with your analysis but it is fun. Check out their site

If you create music and have an ipad you probably want iTouchMidi

17 04 2010

Ipads are here. Another great music computer from Apple. If you want to create music on yours (if you managed to get one) check out the iTouchMidi . It opens up some nice possibilities for using it for music creation. iTouchMidi

Another nice music app for the iPad might be: iTM Pad

iTM Pad is one of the first additions to the iTM suite

A midi trackpad that you use to control all different parameters,
filters, effects, faders, pans, etc
If it is variable you can control it with iTM XYPad

Reaching the non-traditional music student, the other 80%, through technology…

29 03 2010

Music Creativity through Technology The addition of music technology in education has allowed educators the opportunity to bring music creation and enjoyment to a large group of students that are not pursuing playing in bands and orchestras. Most agree that a certain knowledge and enjoyment of music is an important component of a well rounded education. Here is an article by Rick Dammers the Assistant Professor of Music Education at Rowan University on how music technology can help the other 80% of students that are currently left out of the regular band driven music programs.

Music Creativity Through Technology is dedicated to music educators working with the “Other 80%” of students in our schools who do not participate in the traditional performing ensembles and music classes. With the latest tools in music technology, these educators are finding ways to unleash the creative potential of many of these students.

The release of GarageBand in 2004 was as significant for music education as the release of the first Macintosh computers in 1984 with Professional Composer notation software along with personal laser printers and Postscript printing of music notation. Both events helped to ……


A MUST-SEE for Every Educational Administrator in the World

17 03 2010

ILoveEdTech and Dan Brown bring something interesting about our school system and the way things are headed. Watch this interesting piece on today’s eduction on the “Simple K12 Blog”#Edtech