If you create music and have an ipad you probably want iTouchMidi

17 04 2010

Ipads are here. Another great music computer from Apple. If you want to create music on yours (if you managed to get one) check out the iTouchMidi . It opens up some nice possibilities for using it for music creation. iTouchMidi

Another nice music app for the iPad might be: iTM Pad

iTM Pad is one of the first additions to the iTM suite

A midi trackpad that you use to control all different parameters,
filters, effects, faders, pans, etc
If it is variable you can control it with iTM XYPad

Reaching the non-traditional music student, the other 80%, through technology…

29 03 2010

Music Creativity through Technology The addition of music technology in education has allowed educators the opportunity to bring music creation and enjoyment to a large group of students that are not pursuing playing in bands and orchestras. Most agree that a certain knowledge and enjoyment of music is an important component of a well rounded education. Here is an article by Rick Dammers the Assistant Professor of Music Education at Rowan University on how music technology can help the other 80% of students that are currently left out of the regular band driven music programs.

Music Creativity Through Technology is dedicated to music educators working with the “Other 80%” of students in our schools who do not participate in the traditional performing ensembles and music classes. With the latest tools in music technology, these educators are finding ways to unleash the creative potential of many of these students.

The release of GarageBand in 2004 was as significant for music education as the release of the first Macintosh computers in 1984 with Professional Composer notation software along with personal laser printers and Postscript printing of music notation. Both events helped to ……


A MUST-SEE for Every Educational Administrator in the World

17 03 2010

ILoveEdTech and Dan Brown bring something interesting about our school system and the way things are headed. Watch this interesting piece on today’s eduction on the “Simple K12 Blog”#Edtech

Technology Institute for Music Educators

20 02 2010

The Technology Institute for Music Educators (TI:ME) is a non-profit corporation registered in the State of Pennsylvania whose mission is to assist music educators in applying technology to improve teaching and learning in music. Please browse the site and take advantage of the many resources offered here! If you are not yet a TI:ME member, please click the Join TI:ME! link to learn about the many benefits of TI:ME membership.

Weblist – Sharing a group of online research sites just got a whole lot easier

15 02 2010

Weblist will let educators share a group of specific sites with students. This by itself is no miracle. However, this new sharing tool lets you create a library that can be seen as thumbnails. Similar to the iTunes album view. It not only works but is a much more pleasant environment. The system helps keep students on track and away from clicking away on other external sites as well. Weblist is still in beta testing form, so it is going to have some glitches but they are working quick to fix problems.

How kids 12 and under use Web Technology

9 02 2010

Survey: How Kids 12 & Under Use Web Technology
Written by Richard MacManus

Go Here to read original article on ReadWriteWeb

Yesterday we posted a video from the Teens in Tech conference, looking at how teens perceive technology. Today we’re co-launching a survey which aims to find out how children 12 years and younger use web technology. We’ve partnered with Boston research firm Latitude, who provided the survey tool and will help us analyze the data. The survey will be open for 2 weeks, after which ReadWriteWeb and Latitude will list and analyze the results.